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CD 1 Blissed Out Electronica Mix

1.Guy J - Easy As Can Be - Tom Middleton Beatless Mix
2.Stelios Vassiloudis - I Burn Like - Ambient Mix
3.Christian Smith & John Selway - Mistral - Ambient Mix
4.Vincenzo & Elon - Yarra Valley - Reprise
5.Quivver - In Your Boat - Reprise
6.Wiretappeur - My Real Name Is - Reprise
7.Guy J - Lamur - AM Mix
8.Ian O'Donovan - Aurora Borealis - Reprise
9.John Digweed & Nick Muir - Bilder - Wiretappeur Reprise
10.King Unique & Anthony Pappa - Vamoosh - King Unique Kosmische Mix
11.King Unique - 2000000 Suns - KU Heat Death Of The Universe Mix
12.King Roc & Dimitri Nakov - Jardin Nights - From Paris & Berlin Mix
13.Robert Babicz - Pink Trees - On The Couch Journey Mix
14.Alan Fitzpatrick - Involve - Ambient Mix
15.Marco Bailey - Beaming - Downbeat Mix
16.Nick Warren - In Search Of Silver - Ambient Mix
17.Suicide Sports Club - Freaky Boy From Outside
18.Bedrock – Beautiful Strange - Ambient Mix

CD 2 John Digweed Live from Avalon, Los Angeles

1. King Unique & Anthony Pappa - Vamoosh - King Unique Kosmische Mix
2. Estroe - Driven - Distortion Remix 1
3. H.O.S.H feat. Mistress Barbara - Finally Mine - Gorge Remix
4. Ellen Allien - Searching - Shonky Remix
5. Stephan Bodzin vs Marc Romboy - Telesto - Martin Buttrich Remix
6. Paneoh Feat. Maetrik - Follow
7. Lewis Ryder – Kaffee-Monster - Nathan Coles & David Coker's Spanish Fly Mix
8. Martin Dawson - What The Fuck
9. Clément Meyer - Piece By Piece - Maetrik Remix
10. Mylo Salté - Soak
11. Maxime Dangles - Santé
12. Timo Maas - Kick1 Kick3 - Maetrik Sexy Remix
13. Philogresz - Isolated Funk Ensemble - Sarah Goldfarb Remix
14. Tom Hades - Come On
15. Reude Hagelstein - Emergency - Super Flu's Gentle Dental Nurse Remix
16. Emmanuel Jal - Kuar - Henrik Schwarz Remix

CD3 Unmixed Bedrock Exclusives DJ Friendly

1.John Digweed & Nick Muir – Bilder – King Unique Rebild
2.Inkfish – Detroit
3.Maxime Dangles - Santé
4.Tom Hades – Come On
5.Paneoh Feat. Maetrik – Follow
6.Robert Babicz – Two Colours
7.Oliver Lieb – Parallax
8.Midnight Ramblers - Scarab
9.Dibby Dougherty & David Young – Tiger Forest – Ryan Davis Rework
10.Jimmy Van M Feat. Steve T – We Are Children